Setting up a Notice
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In Storman a Notice is, essentially, a form of client communication - Notices can be letters, emails or SMS (text) messages. Notices can also be triggered to include invoices as attachments, can be setup to bill rent, or charge a fee (e.g. a late fee) and can also be setup to trigger certain access control system events (e.g. lock the Customer out at the gate, or allow access once more, etc). Notices with no timing points can be sent at will and will not be sent to anyone unless manually triggered. During the below process you will be creating a new notice.

Note: Storman does support the SSAA notice plans (New Zealand and Australian Clients only). If you would like these setup within your Storman program please get in contact with Storman Support.

Overview of steps:

  1. Navigation to: Notice plans
  2. Notice Setup [Notice Setup tab]
  3. Notice Design [Notice Design tab]
  4. Notice Charges [Notice Charges tab]

Step 1. Navigation to: Notice plans

Begin by opening Notice plans under the Maintenance menu.

Once the notice window is open select Add Notice.

Step 2. Notice Setup [Notice Setup tab]

  • General setup & timing. Set when this message will be sent and the name of the notice.
  • Notice options. Set extra notice functions and filter to who gets the message.
  • Invoice. Select whether a invoice will be sent with the notice.
  • Access controls. If creating a late notice you can set Storman to lock them out of their unit.

Step 3. Notice Design [Notice Design tab]

  • Construct the notice. Select edit to construct the notices.

Hint: Storman uses a simple word editor to make the notices.

Step 4. Notice Charges [Notice Charges tab]

  • Set fees. If the person incurs a fee for you having send this notice you can set the amount here. Usually this would be set for late notices.

Step 5. Save

  • Select OK to save and close your new notice.
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