How to setup Invoices and Receipts
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Standard Invoice Headers and Footers would have everything that you basically need when printing or attaching an invoice. Should you wish to customize your header and footer - we strongly suggest that you plan and configure it on Word first before entering it into this section in Storman. You can use 4D referencing (the same with auto fill procedures in creating notices) and importing an image from your computer.

Overview of steps:

  1. Navigate to: Invoice and Receipt Setup
  2. Printing functions
  3. Header design
  4. Footer design
  5. Receipt design
  6. Report logo

Step 1. Navigate to: Invoice and Receipt Setup

You can find Invoice & Receipt Setup under the Maintenance menu.

Step 2. Printing functions

  • Print autopay. This field dictates the number of days before the bill date, the autopay notice will be sent to the customer.
  • Show transactions. Select whether you would like transactions showing on the invoice.
  • Show balance due-by date. Set whether you would like the due by date showing.
  • Include transactions. Would you like all transactions since the last zero balance showing on the invoice.
  • Design settings. Some simple design options of Storman invoices.
  • Address block. Set simple styling options for the invoice address block.
    You can also change the Horizontal and Vertical points to move the address to fit the envelope window.

Step 3. Header design

  • Choose your header. Usually this is set to the default Storman header.

Step 4. Footer design

  • Choose your footer. Usually this is set to the default Storman footer.

Step 5. Receipt design

  • Choose your receipt. Usually this is set to the default Storman receipt.

    Note that this is for special receipt printers only.

Step 6. Report logo

  • Upload logo. Upload your logo to show on the invoice and receipt.

Step 7. Save

  • Select OK to save and close the invoice and receipt setup.
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