Adding / Editing Types & Categories
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In Storman, Types & Categories are used to collect or categorize information. Most drop-down options for Storman can be added/modified here. For example, you may have a list of reasons as to why Customers are using your services, this would show in the agreement of the customer with a list that comes from the Marketing type. Or you may have a selection of merchandise items grouped together into a category, you can use Analysis Categories and group them as Boxes, Services, Wrapping Material etc. - these will then appear in the drop-down for your Analysis Codes.

Overview of steps:

  1. Navigate to: Types & Categories
  2. Adding the Category

Step 1. Navigate to: Types & Categories

Open the Storman Types & Categories section, by going to the Maintenance menu, then selecting Types & Categories.

Select what type of Category you would like to create by changing the view. Select Add New Code to proceed.

Step 2. Adding the Category

  • Category code. This will default for you and you are not required to change it.
  • Description. This is the name of the category.

Step 3. Save

  •  Select OK to save and close, or OK & New to add another code.
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