Setting up Access Control - via Bearbox
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Integration with BearBox can be accomplished by completing the following steps. It is vital that this is set up correctly as you can set and forget these steps. During the below process you will be setting up BearBox integration with Storman.

Overview of steps:

  1. Navigate to: Access control setup
  2. Setting up the System [General Setup tab]
  3. Set file location [Advance Setup tab]

Step 1. Navigate to: Access control setup

Navigate to Access Control Setup to begin the integration process.

Step 2. Setting up Integration [General Setup tab]

  • Access Control system. This is the system you will be using.
  • Turn access control on. This makes sure Storman starts the system when opening up
  • Access fee. If you wish to charge per entry into your facility you would enter a monetary amount here.

Step 3. Set file location [Advance Setup tab]

  • User Name. This is the username supplied to you by BearBox.
  • Password. This is the password supplied to you by BearBox.
  • Settings & Options. These are extra functions you can switch on inside of Storman.

Step 4. Save & Test

  • Select OK to save and close your changes. Make sure you test the system to see if the integration was successful.
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