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Rent changes via Once-off wizard
Posted by Cameron Telfer, Last modified by Cameron Telfer on 25 August 2016 10:14 AM

Usually any rent changes will be set on the agreement as you are creating it. But if you wish to increase the rent for a number of agreements or unit it can be done by using the Auto Rental Increase wizard. During the below process you will be conducting a rental increase using the wizard.

Overview of steps:

  1. Navigate to: Auto Rental Increase
  2. Adjust unit rates
  3. Setting the increase date
  4. Calculate new rent & print report
  5. Print letters advising of increase
  6. Print automatic payment forms

Important: It is highly suggested you run a backup before you run the wizard. The wizard has the ability to run a increase on all units, so if something goes wrong you can restore your data.

Step 1. Navigate to: Auto Rental Increase

Select the Customers menu, then Auto Rental Change. The step-by-step Rental Change wizard will now open.

Important: Each step begins with you selecting OK, but steps can be skipped by selecting the Done checkbox. Common practice is to complete Step 2 onwards.

Step 2. Adjust unit rates

The first step of the wizard enables you to change the the price of Unit Types, and is useful if you are only increasing the rent of a particular Unit Type.

  • Select Units. First you will need to select Adjust Rates. Then highlight the Units you wish to adjust and select Display Selection
  • Adjust Rates. Adjust the rates as you see fit. This is the same screen you will see if you go to Unit Types under the maintenance menu.


Step 3. Setting the increase date

  • Set increase date. This is the date the change will take effect. If a customer is halfway through their billing cycle, the change will only take effect on their invoice.

Step 4. Calculate new rent & print report

  • Rent. If you filled in rent increases in the second step of this guide. Skip this area. This area allows you to apply rent increases across the board by a set amount.
  • Other recurring charges ...
  • Apply Rent Increase to. This allows you to specify what agreements to apply the rent increase to.
  • All active agreements. If selected it will apply the rent increase to all agreements
  • Increase prior to. If a customer has had a rent increase prior to this date you can opt them out of this change. If you enter a date by sure to select Find Agreement below the date field.

Step 5. Print letters advising of increase

This step prints rent increase letter to your customers. Generally you would not send Emails for rent increases as these are seen as a informal way of communication.

Step 6. Print automatic payment forms

At this step Storman will print out updated Auto Payment forms for customer currently using direct debit with you.

Step 7. Save

  • Once all steps have been completed the wizard will automatically close.
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