How to perform a move out
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A move out is the process of removing a unit from an agreement.   This will make the agreement inactive but if there is more than one, you can choose to remove only one and that guide can be found HERE

Overview of steps:

  1. Navigate to: Begin the Move Out
  2. Enter move out date [Move Out tab]


Step 1. Navigating to: Begin the Move Out

The most common way to begin a move out is to double click the agreement in the customers area of your dashboard

Step 2. Enter move out details [Move Out tab]

  • Move Out notice given. This is the date the customer has given notice prior to moving out and needs to fall in line with the related setting under the Storman configuration in order to calculate any prorated rent the customer is owed.  Please contact Storman Support if need to have this checked.
  • Rental credits. Amount you owe customer in prorated rent is displayed here (This is generated automatically by Storman)
  • Reverse deposit: Amount of deposit (if charged at move in) will appear here as a credit reversal (This is generated automatically by Storman)
  • Expected Move Out date. This is the date the person will be moving out and will display on your calendar as a note
  • Reason for Move Out. Selecting a reason for move out will provide valuable Marketing information.
  • Create Transactions and Move Out. Once you are happy with the above, clicking this button will calculate prorate charges if the customer is moving out mid way through their billing period and these will appear under the Transactions tab. Depending on your setup you may have to refund amounts owing to the customer to bring the account to a $0 Balance.

Step 3. Finalise Move Out Transactions


Step 4. Save

  • Once the move out has been processed, selecting OK to save and close the agreement will trigger Storman to print out notes and SMS correspondence if this is enabled in the configuration of Storman.
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