Reversing an Accidental Move Out
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Sometimes people make mistakes and you move out the wrong person, or a customer decided to stay with you after you have already moved them out. After all we are only human! During the below process you will be reversing a move out and checking transactions.

Overview of steps:

  1. Navigate to: Reactivating the agreement
  2. Add the Unit [Agreement Info tab]
  3. Check Transactions [Transactions tab]
  4. Remove move out date [Move out tab]
  5. Navigate to: Update Unit status
  6. Change Current Move in Date [Unit History tab]

Step 1. Navigate to: Reactivating the agreement

First off, you will need to locate the old Agreement. Select Customers, then Customers & Agreements. By default, this screen will show active Agreements. Change the filtering settings at the bottom so that you are viewing inactive (old) Agreements. Once you have located the Agreement, double-click on it to open it.

Step 2. Add the Unit [Agreement Info tab]

  • Add Unit. Add the units you removed by selecting the green plus button to the top right of the Units table
  • Check Details. Check the other details on the agreement before proceeding.

Step 3. Check Transactions [Transactions tab]

  • Remove unwarranted charges. When adding the units some extra charges might have been added to the account.
  • Bill next Charges. Check to make sure the Bill next charges doesn't need to be actioned.

Step 4. Remove move out date [Move out tab]

  • Remove move out date. Clear the move out date entered to show 00/00/00.
  • Remove notice given date. Clear the notice given date to show 00/00/00, unless a notice has been given.
  • Save Agreement. Save the Agreement once these dates have been cleared.

Step 5. Navigate to: Update Unit status

Once the above is done you will need to update the current Move in / out dates of the unit. To start this go to Units under the maintenance menu.

View the unit in question and go to the Unit History tab.

Step 6. Change Current Move in Date [Unit History tab]

  • Update the Move in date. Update this date to the actual date of move in
  • Remove Move out date. Clear the Move out date to 00/00/00.

Step 7. Save

  • Select OK to save and close the unit, then done to return to the dashboard.
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