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How to Convert a Reservation
Posted by Cameron Telfer, Last modified by Ngatokorua Elikana on 26 February 2018 05:05 PM

While Storman will let you create a brand new Agreement without doing so via a Reservation first, we recommend using the three-step process built into Storman (Sales Enquiry -> Reservation -> Move In).  If you follow this three-step process, you will have better statistics available in your Storman reports to see if your staff are successfully converting Sales Enquiries to Reservations and then eventually a moved in Agreement. Converting a Sales Enquiry ensures the process is followed through all the steps and will save you from having to re-enter all your Customer data at each point, as it's retained within the process of a conversion from Enquiry through to Agreement.

Overview of steps:

  1. Navigate to: Open the Reservation
  2. Convert Reservation [Reservation tab]

Step 1. Navigate to: Open the Reservation

Find and open the reservation you wish to convert. You can find the reservation by selecting Reservations under the Customers menu or by typing "Reserved" in to the search field of the customers list.

Step 2. Convert Reservation [Reservation tab]

  • Convert to Agreement. Selecting this will begin the move in process and the screens shown below detail this further.  For more on the move in process please go here.

  • Choose an Agreement Number: Storman will automatically assign the next Agreement number for this customer, however you are able to change the Agreement number to one of your choosing as long as the number is not already in use by another customer. 

Important: Please make absolutely sure you wish to convert an agreement as it's not possible to undo.  Clicking No will bring you back to the Reservation screen.

Step 3. Save

  • Once the agreement is created select OK to save and close the new move in.
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