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How to create a Reservation
Posted by Cameron Telfer, Last modified by Michael Dutton on 22 November 2018 08:09 AM

Reservations are when a storage space has been set aside for a customer but they have not physically moved in or created an agreement with you. They have almost all the functionality of an agreement and thus allow the addition of transactions, sending of notices, note creation and management, among other things.  Reservations are the middle step between Sales Enquiries and Agreements and the guide below will step you through creating one.

Overview of steps:

  1. Navigation to: Start a new Reservation
  2. Reserve Unit [Reservation tab]
  3. Enter Customer details [Customer info 1 / 2 tabs]
  4. Upload Document / Photos [Notice & Photos tab]
  5. Create Transactions

Step 1. Navigating to: Start a new Reservation

There are two common ways to start a new Reservation. Either selecting the Reserve button located on your dashboard or selecting Reservations under the Customers menu.

Step 2. Reserve Unit [Reservation tab]

  • Entering Customer name. This is mandatory
  • Reserve their unit. Using the Green Plus button enter the unit(s) they will be moving in to.
  • Enter expected move in date. This is the date the person has committed to moving in to your facility.

Step 3. Enter Customer details [Customer info 1 / 2 tabs]

  • Enter Customer details. These details will be carried onto the agreement once converting this Reservation.

Step 4. Upload Document / Photos [Notice & Photos tab]

  • Upload photos and other documents. Here you can upload scanned agreements or photo identification that will help you identify the customer or their stored goods.
  • Enter Payment details. You can also collect the customer's payment details though this is generally done at the agreement stage.

Step 5. Create Transaction [Transactions tab]

  •  Line items from the Reservation tab appear here as Transactions and this will usually be a deposit charge.
  •  You can choose to take a payment at this stage if the customer wishes to.

Step 6. Save

  • Select OK to save and close the new Reservation.
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