Adding Notes and Alerts to an Agreement
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Notes are a great way to let other staff members know about vital changes and actions carried out on a customer's agreement. Customer will not and should not see any notes made against their agreement and it is important to understand that notes cannot be removed once they have been entered due to legal reasons. During the below steps you will be adding a General Note and an Alert Note.

Overview of Steps:

  1. Navigation to: Entering Agreement Note.
  2. Adding a Note/Alert Note

Step 1. Navigating to: Entering Agreement Note

Open the agreement and got to the Notes & Alerts tab.


Step 2. Adding a Note/Alert Note [Notes & Alerts tab]

  • General Note. This is a general note to be added to the agreement that would encompass any changes or actions taken on the agreement. Once entered make sure you select the Add button.
  • Alert Note. This type of note would generally be regarded as pertinent or urgent. If you wish for this to be shown upon opening the agreement tick the Alert me with this when I open this Agreement button.

Step 3. Save

  • When complete, click OK to save and close the agreement.
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