Removing a unit from an agreement with multiple units
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If a customer no longer requires all units on their agreement you have the ability to remove one unit without closing the entire agreement. During this process you will be entering move out dates of that one unit and applying any credit the customer might be entitled to.

Overview of steps:

  1. Navigate to: Begin the move out
  2. Removing the unit [Agreement Info tab]

Step 1. Navigating to: Begin the move out

The most common way to start this process is the double click the agreement.

Step 2. Removing the unit [Agreement Info tab]

  • Highlight unit and select Red cross


  • It will then prompt if you wish to proceed with the move out and then you will see the below screen

  • Any pro-rata credit owed to the customer will be shown here

  • Finally it will ask if you wish to refund a deposit

  • The resulting credit transactions for the move out can be seen in the Transactions tab as shown below

Important: If you choose not to apply pro-rata charges, they will have to be worked out manually.

Step 3. Save

  • Once the unit has been removed, select OK will save and close the agreement.
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