How to Integrate your web site with Storman Payments
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Integrating Storman Payments can be done by following these steps below:


Step 1: Prerequisites for integrating with Storman Payments

Before integrating with Storman Payments, there are some pre-requisites that need to be confirmed as in place:

  1. You must have a valid and paid up Support Plan or Subscription with Storman
  2. You must either have Storman Central (previously known as Multi-view).   If not, you can join our "Storman Hub" which provides additional backup security for you, as well as makes it a lot easier for your company to use our Online tools such as Storman Payments.  Storman Add-On Application
  3. Storman Payments requires you to have a payment provider (see here to see who Storman can integrate Payments with).  If your Storman is already integrated with a payment provider, this will be used.
  4. Storman Payments is an add-on that we do charge for.  To find out our pricing, please contact us here   

Step 2: How do you want Storman Payments to "Look and Feel" ?

You have two choices on how to customize the look and feel of your Storman Payments:

  1. If you want to modify the "look and feel" you will need to contact a web developer / designer to make the changes for you.  Instructions for your web developer, can be found here in the Storman Payments guide for Web Developers.
  2. Alternatively, you can use the default look and feel and just add your logo.  If you do these, you will need to send us a copy of your logo to match these exact specifications: 300px (W) by 100px (H) & saved as a transparent .PNG file.   

Step 3: Get in contact with us!

The next step is to get in contact with us. The best approach is to send us an email at  Please provide:

  1. Your name, company and Storman facility code.
  2. Your Storman software web access password.  This can be found in Maintenance > System Setup > Security.  If it is blank, choose a password and send it to us.
  3. Optionally, the name of your web developer/web designer so that we are aware of them when they contact
  4. An indication of timing on when you would like Storman Payments up and running.

Once we receive this information, we will start to work with you to ensure that all of the the pre-requisites above are complete.

Step 4: Setting up your Storman Analysis codes

Storman Payments requires the set-up of a specific analysis code in your Stornan software to ensure that all your website payments via Storman Payments, will be receipted against this new analysis code.

  1. Log into Storman and select Maintenance > Analysis Codes
  2. Select Receipts in the drop-down and click "Add new Code"
  3. In the Special Options section, set the option to be:
  1. Advam Webpmnt Dflt (if your selected payment provider is Advam)
  2. Authorize Webpmnt Dflt (if your selected payment provider is
  3. Ezidebit Webpmnt Dflt (if your selected payment provider is Ezidebit)
  4. NAB Webpmnt Dflt (if your selected payment provider is NAB)

Step 5: Send us your new "look and feel" (Optional Step)

  1. Once your web designer/developer has completed their work, they will need to send us the modified files.
  2. If your web developer/designer has any technical questions, please ask them to contact us at 

Step 6: We will then finalise the Storman Payments set-up

Once all the steps above have been done, we will then:

  1. Install any updated templates onto our server, or, update the Storman Payments pages with your logo
  2. Email you the URL link to put into your "Pay now" button on your website

Step 7: You can then integrate Storman Payments into your website

  1. Ask your web developer/designer to put the link provided onto your website

Step 8: Give it a test drive!

At this point it should all be ready to go.  We suggest that you test the installation by:

  1. Create a test agreement in your Storman software, ensure it has a password set.  Enter an email also.
  2. Go to the URL provided in step 6 above and process a payment for that agreement, for 15c.  
  3. Once saved, ensure you:
    1. Receive an email as the Storer, confirming the payment
    2. Receive an email as the Facility, confirming the payment
    3. Go into Storman, Open the agreement and ensure the transaction is present.

If you have any queries or concerns, please contact us at 




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