Backup your StorMan datafile to Google Drive
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  • Google Drive is third-party software and is not supported by Storman. We provide this article merely to offer some initial assistance. Please consult your IT technician for further assistance and clarification if required. Storman Software is not, in any way, responsible for the reliability & usage of this third-party product and/or service, or any issues (including but not limited to billing, technical, physical, mental or other) resulting from its use.

Google Drive is a file hosting service operated by Google, that offers cloud storage, file synchronization, and client software. Google Drive allows users to create a special folder on each of their computers, which Google Drive then synchronises so that it appears to be the same folder (with the same contents) regardless of the computer it is viewed on. Files placed in this folder are also accessible through a website and mobile phone applications.


How do I get Google Drive?

  1. Visit the Google Drive website and sign-up for your desired account size & type.Note: While your Storman datafile will generally be smaller than 1GB, you may wish to store a number of sequential backups over a certain period of time.Note: Google Drive can be used to store virtually any file or folder online ('in the cloud') in a secured environment. As such, you may wish to use it to backup other computer data, such as important documents, etc. Keep this in mind when selecting your Google Drive account type & size. That said, you can always upgrade your Google Drive account later if you need to.
  2. Install the Google Drive client software onto your Storman computer & sign-in using your new Google Drive account details. If you need help doing so, please refer to the Google Drive how-to guides (on their website), or ask your IT Technician for assistance.
  3. Navigate to the Google Drive folder on your computer and create a new folder inside, name itStorman Backups. You're now ready to backup your Storman datafile to the cloud using Google Drive.


Backing up my Storman datafile using Google Drive

There are several ways to backup your Storman datafile to your Google Drive. These include...

  • Method 1: Configuring Storman to save manual backups (from the File menu) into your Google Drive folder
  • Method 2: Configuring Storman to automatically save backups into your Google Drive folder
  • Method 3: Manually copying your datafile into your Google Drive folder


Method 1 is recommended. As such, we have outlined the setup details for this method below...

  1. Select Maintenance, then System Setup.
  2. On the Operations tab, locate the Local Backup section and click Select Folder to browse to the location where you wish your backups to be saved (i.e. the Storman Backups folder inside your Google Drive).
  3. Click Select to choose your folder.
  4. Click OK to save & close. You have now configured Storman to save its manual backups into the Storman Backups folder, which resides in your Google Drive.Note: Manual backups do not occur automatically (hence the name). You will need to follow the instructions below each time you wish to make a backup to your Google Drive...


How do I perform a backup into Google Drive?

  1. In Storman, select File, then Backup.
  2. If you followed the instructions above, Storman should already default to your special Storman Backups Google Drive folder. Click Select. The backup will now save to the selected location.
  3. Once complete, click OK to close the confirmation prompt. A Storman backup has now been made in your Google Drive folder (which will sync to the cloud as part of your Google Drive setup).


Important things to keep in mind...

    • Backing up your datafile using Google Drive in no way replaces the need for a normal Storman backup.

    • Everything placed inside your Google Drive folder will automatically syncronise with the Google Drive servers on the internet (aka 'the cloud'). As such, if your Storman datafile is 1GB in size, then that 1GB of data will get transferred to the Google Drive servers. This transfer is classed as an "upload"; the speed of this transfer is limited by the upload speed of your internet connection. Please contact your ISP or IT Technician if you are not sure what the upload speed on your internet connection is.

    • Furthermore, everything placed inside your Google Drive folder will automatically syncronise with any other computer(s) where you have the same Google Drive account installed; keep this in mind when installing Google Drive on other devices. The Google Drive folder on your computer, as well as in the cloud, will eventually fill up; as such, you may need to remove older files from time to time. As always, check with Google Drive or your IT Technician for further details & advice.For example: You have Google Drive at work where you put your Storman datafile backups & you have the same Google Drive account installed on your laptop which you use while out & about using a mobile broadband modem from your telco. Be warned that Google Drive will sync regardless of what connection you're using - this data syncronisation may quickly use up all of your mobile broadband data allowance.


  • Some internet providers will count uploads towards your monthly internet usage quota (or allowance); as such, you may wish to compress (zip) the Database folder once you've copied it into your Google Drive. Check with your ISP to ensure you are not charged for excess usage. Please contact your ISP or IT Technician if you are not sure if uploads count towards your internet usage quota.For example: If your Storman datafile is 1GB and you make a copy to your Google Drive every day for a month (30 days), then this will count as 30GB of data transfer for that month.


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