Setting up automated Backups in v9 and v10
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Storman backups can be stored on a CD or DVD, network drive, external hard drive or USB thumb drive / USB key. We highly recommend that you backup to a form of media that can be taken away from the office - such as a USB drive, as this will prevent any issues if your computer is stolen or damaged by a virus.

As part of the Terms & Condition of use (see Licence Agreement), backups are the responsibility of the company / persons using the Storman program. Storman cannot be held liable for any loss of data - it is not our responsibility to backup your data!

Note: This article refers to 'Local Backups', which means a backup on a local medium (such as a CD, DVD, USB drive, etc). We also recommend you make an off-site backup of your data.


How do I setup local backups?

Before you start, we recommend that you insert / plug-in the external hard drive or USB drive that you plan on backing up to, so that your computer can assign it a drive letter and so that Storman can 'see' it.

  1. Select Maintenance, then System Setup.
  2. Select the Backups tab, locate the Local Backups (Manual) section (located on the upper-right of the window) and click Select Folder to browse to the location where you wish your backups to be saved (eg: your USB drive, etc).
  3. Click Select to choose your drive & folder.Note: Steps 2 and 3 above are used to set the default location of the backups for when you select 'File', then 'Backup' in Storman - in other words, a 'Manual backup' because you trigger it yourself using 'File' then 'Backup'. The steps below will take you through configuring the 'Automatic backup' that Storman will do...
  4. On the left hand panel, locate the section Local Backups (Automated). Within this section, click the checkbox labeled Activate automated local backups......
  5. You will be prompted to make an initial backup. Click Continue to begin.
  6. After a few moments another dialog will appear, confirming that the initial backup has taken place. ClickOK on this dialog to close it. Initial backup preferences have now been set.
  7. Next to the checkbox labeled Activate automated local backups..., specify how often you wish the backup to occur. When entering a time, be sure to enter this in 24-hour time format.Note: Unlike the 'manual backup' from Steps 2 and 3 above which you trigger yourself from the 'File' menu, the 'automatic backup' occurs automatically - at whatever frequency / time you specify here in Step 7.Note:If you have already performed a backup for the day (which you probably would have, in Step 5), the next automated backup won't run until tomorrow - even if the time you set it to run hasn't passed yet. You can check this by looking at the 'Next scheduled backup' date & time towards the bottom of the screen.
  8. Adjust the Copies to keep... setting if required (we generally recommend entering 5 or 7 here).
  9. We recommend enabling the Force a backup to occur during Daily Processing as well checkbox.
  10. We also recommend enabling the Force a backup when you close System Setup checkbox.
  11. In the Backup folder section, click Browse and set the location where your backups are to be saved. We strongly recommend that you save the automatic backups to your Storman Backups folder. Locate this folder, then click Select.Note: Keep in mind that while you could set the automatic backup to save to your external hard drive instead, we don't recommend it. This is because if you don't remember to have your external drive plugged into your computer at the time the automatic backup is set to trigger, it will fail. So long as you regularly complete a manual 'Backup' operation (from the 'File' menu), it will be okay to save your automated backups inside the Storman folder on your computer's hard drive.
  12. Click OK to close the System Setup screen. A backup will take place if you enabled the option as described in Step 10. Once complete, you will be returned to the main Storman screen.
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