How to refund a Cash Sale
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Whether you have overcharge or the customer decided to return a unused product the following article will help you refund both. Cash Sales can only be refunded by setting up an ad-hoc Other Credit Sale and processing the refund. During the below process you will be refunding a cash sale.

Overview of step:

  1. Navigation to: Start your cash sale
  2. Adding a new transaction
  3. Refund Charges 

Step 1. Navigating to: Start your cash sale

There are two quick ways to add a new cash sale in Storman...Select Other Cash Sales under the Accounting menu or click the Cash Sale icon on the Storman Dashboard.


Step 2. Adding a new Transaction

  • Add Single Receipt Sale. This will add a new transaction for today's billing and start the sale building process.
  • Add Multiple Receipt Sale. This will allow you to create split payments (e.g. cash and eftpos), and will also allow Credit and Refund options.

Step 3. Refund Charges 

  • Add Credit. Select the appropriate Analysis Code for the item in the dropdown provided on screen. Adjust the Quantity if required.

 Hint: Ensure that you enter your item quantities correctly, so that Storman updates the stock system accordingly.

Step 4. Save

  • Select OK to save and close the transaction.
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